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Doing Our Homework

An analysis of Florida hospital emergency department discharge data from all payer sources was conducted in 2009-2010, by the Florida Optometric Association.

Of all eye care related treatments the study identified 108,786 non-emergent cases that could have been treated by a Florida Doctor of Optometry.

A total of $120,201,922 in healthcare dollars was spent, representing a cost per case of $1,105. If those cases had been treated at an optometrist’s office instead, it is estimated that the cost would have been less than 10% of that total.

In addition, in another study commissioned by the AOA and conducted by SCIO Health Analytics data revealed that in 75% of the cases where non-emergent eye care is treated in the ER or a Primary Care Physicians office, a clinically significant change in diagnosis is made during a follow-up visit to an eye care professional.